lunes, 23 de abril de 2007

Bruna Kazinoti

Bruna Kazinoti colaboró en el número 03 del Kink....

"The work of Bruna Kazinoti generally takes two directions. On the one hand it exists of portraits taken of suburban youth. She approaches the subjects (mostly young guys) with a bit of a distance, it seems. But in such romantic, dreamlike way the viewer isn’t preoccupied in any way and accepts the image spontaneously. Bruna plays with the poses of her models and sometimes let them act with symbols and gestures that are typical expressions made by subcultures of the up to date suburbia. There’s little distraction to accompany the portraits; empty walls, a mattress or sometimes a well chosen prop strengthens the feeling we are looking at desolate angels. On the other hand Bruna Kazinoti is overwhelmed by nature and its beauty. She documents this daily, on a hunt to capture it all. She always tries to bring these two elements together. Sometimes literarily; double printing portraits and nature photography’s. Other times she creates diptychs; combinations of portrait and nature… The work of Bruna Kazinoti is an ongoing project."
Texto de Outlandish

Esta es una entrevista a Bruna Kazinoti que hemos encontrado en la revista de internet Nothing Magazine:
"1. Where are you from?I am from Split, small and old town on the Croatian coast.
2. How did you get into photography?I didnt get into it, it got into me.
3. How would you describe your work in one sentence?Boys, light, sentimentality, simplicity, nature, sensibility, blue, diamonds, perception, feelings, and colours.
4. What subjects do you most enjoy capturing?I mostly enjoy taking photos of street boys. I’m very interested and fascinated by their behaviour and attitude. I just love their way of being- the way they walk, talk, communicate and act. That said it could not be without also taking nature photos, of the sea, the woods, and Croatian countryside.
5. What do you feel makes a successful photograph?When I can feel it, or have any kind of feeling towards it.
6. What would your dream job be?The dream job for me would be one which allows me to live in my hometown of Split, but lets me travel to many countries to shoot, but always come back home. I would just be happy to have small freelance jobs every month.
7. What are you working on now / next?I am doing a new shoot for Fairy Tale magazine, Metal Magazine, and also planning a trip to London."
INTERVIEW by Jason Lingard para Nothing Magazine

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