miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2007

"Once" de Wim Wenders

"To shoot pictures. Taking pictures is an act in time,in which something is snapped out of its own timeand transferred into a different kind of duration.It is commonly assumedthat whatever is captured in this actlies IN FRONT OF the camera.But that is not true.Taking pictures is an act in two directions:forwardsand backwards.Yes, taking pictures also "backfires."This isn't even too lame a comparison.Just as the hunter lifts his rifle,aims at the deer in front of him, pulls the trigger,and, when the bullet departs from the muzzle,is thrown backwards by the recoil,the photographer, likewise, is thrown backwards,onto himself,when releasing the shutter.A photograph is always a double image,showing, at first glace, its subject,but a second glance - more ar less visible,"hidden behind it," so to speak,the "reverse angle":the picture of the photographerin action."
Wim Wenders

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