jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2007

"1970-80" de Walter Pfeiffer

Since the 1970s, Walter Pfeiffer has been producing a powerful body of work, photographing friends and strangers in visceral and corporeal portraits that would change our perception of the struggle between realism and glamour in photography. Born in Switzerland, where he lives and works in Zurich, Walter Pfeiffer has finally been discovered by a larger audience and set as the forerunner to many photographers working the borders of gender in the past 20 years, such as Wolfgang Tillmans, Heinz Peter Knes or Ryan McGinley, since the publication of "Welcome Aboard: 1980 - 2000" took the world by surprise, once again showing how much we oversee.

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LYNN and HORST dijo...

i knew walter pfeiffer and really like what he does.

but this series tops it all. i'm very impressed by the charme of the bw photography and the unpretentious mind in his pictures.

a real treasure

thanks for posting!

..... dijo...

the first picture is gross but the whole thing is quite funny